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    Paying too much?

    From my experience ,the price of gear is $20-$40.
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    what the steroids brings you for the long time?

    after cycle of AAS,i was totally fascinated by my gains and got dame confidence .That's why i keep second cycle.lol
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    Gym motivation

    maybe the primary motivation is useful to you ,and good body feature can bring you confidence and bring you happier and healthier life
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    Appetite problem

    yeah,same problem with you.don't know whether the inject one is better?
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    Carbs vs Tren Sides

    the same problem with you,my friend told me don't combine carbs with tren before bed ,it seems a little bit better than before
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    Protein 101: What it is and Why it’s Essential for Muscle Growth

    protein is important in our body ,it can make us more stronger and healthier
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    Some Great Benefits of Testosterone Treatment

    Great post,testosterone really is important in our body and affect our life .Normal will make us energetic ,low level may cause anxiety or depression.
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    TRT Treatment in Men

    Thanks for your sharing ,i got know trt clearly now
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    Question for the Doc-DECA

    Eq is a great compound in my opinion. Adding just 500 or so mg per week to your trt should yield very nice results
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    Freshman coming

    played this game a long time ,, why came here just now ,lol disperar out the world
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    Freshman coming

    Wow are u Fitch Not know u , but a tough guy .
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    Training Advice

    do barbells ,squats ,lifts ,pullups when you are in the gym,5-6 times every week has great effect on growing muscle
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    Advice needed-Enanthate cypionate?

    no big difference between TE and TC
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    Best Time to Workout

    Personally i like doing workout at 7-8PM, after workout can sleeping well .bt,different people might have different feeling ,maybe you can have a test ,morning,afternoon and evening,which one have good effect to you
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    Second cycle of only test

    TP and TE are ok