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    Humalog source?

    I posted in their section to see.
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    I didn’t see it on the site, but thought I’d ask. Is this a item you carry?
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    Humalog source?

    Any domestic sources here for Humalog?
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    Metformin source?

    Any sources on the board have Metformin in stock?
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    Where can you guys come across this stuff? My local source is hit or miss
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    PCT for Nolva-Aromasin

    She was running both of those compounds simultaneously during her contest prep for the last 8 weeks. She ended contest prep this past weekend and looking guidance as far as if these compounds can be stopped cold turkey or if she needs to taper down before completely cutting them out. If tapering...
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    PCT for Nolva-Aromasin

    My wife just completed her prep and I’m curious as to what the protocol is for tapering a woman down and off of a nolvadex and aromasin cycle. She’s been running these for the past 8 weeks and is ready to taper off and completely come off of the AIs all together. I can’t seem to find a protocol...
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    What’s the recommended doasage for a woman? Wife is use the amino asylum carnitine with subq injections. I haven’t been able to see what the recommended dosage should be. She’s using slin syringes as well.
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    Doxycycline Source

    thanks, found it. for fighting a potential infection, what would you recommend for dosage ?
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    Doxycycline Source

    Anyone domestic sources for Doxycycline?
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    Genotropin Goquick Pen help

    Is there a reference anywhere to determine how many mg on the pen is equal to 1IU?
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    GH Newbie

    Not new to anabolics, but am curious about learning more about Gh. I’ve done a lot of reading on here, but I was curious if someone could point me in the direction of a thread or site that gives in depth knowledge in regards to the topic?
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    Shin splints/calve pump

    So what’s the cause of the bumps? I get these too when doing cardio when on a cycle and never have figured out what it is??
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    Can't find what I'm searching for

    Which test is everyone using for a full panel test on privatemdlab?
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    Bulking stack opinions without nandralone

    What kind of dosages are you all using the Superdrol? I couldn’t get past the insane back pain from it.