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    Blood pressure

    use a bigger BP cuff. what's your average HR when you are sleeping ? maybe get a watch that monitors HR and oxygen saturation while you sleep.
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    Injection site not doing so good

    the cutaneous erythema underneath the bruise . did that develop after the Pin as well ?
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    Endocrinologist worth it?

    lol. You win. I’ll pursue a different career.
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    Endocrinologist worth it?

    I meant what I said. Endogenous sex steroid hormones like estrogen , testosterone. In general physicians don’t know about them. It’s unbelievable.
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    Blood Test Results

    how many hours post injection was your blood drawn ?
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    Endocrinologist worth it?

    I want to pursue a endocrinology fellowship after I finish IM. most MD's I work with don't know about endogenous sex steroid hormones. most will say they shorten life when used and they do not teach this in medical school.
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    Why are glucose and a1c levels high with HGH?

    exogenous hGH induces insulin resistance. glucose stays in blood > hyperglycemia. endocrine physiologists have termed it a diabetogenic hormone
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    What carrier and Hormone always gives you difficulties?

    Grape seed oil gives me horrible post injection pain and erythema inflammation
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    Hgh serum test qtropin

    pinned 8IU in the wife. had her blood drawn 3.5 hours later.
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    Ultrasound. Enlarged Heart

    see if you have a gene mutation of the cardiac sarcomere proteins.myosin binding protein C or β-myosin heavy chain. if so that can contribute to the interventricular septal thickness
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    authenticity ? anecdotal experiences ? hygetropin (somatotropin)

    thank you for replying. I will do the GH serum test protocol and we will see if there is somatotropin in these "hygetropin" labeled vials.
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    Thoughts on doing our own random HPLC test to keep the community a little safer!

    i heard from Dave that the new test kits are quantitative for nandrolone & oxandrolone & tren enanthate . who knows how accurate it is
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    authenticity ? anecdotal experiences ? hygetropin (somatotropin)

    code doesn't check out. seems like a bad sign
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    Any kits I can order to test my gear

    on other boards guys send in a few mL's of their AAS oils to a "lab". Supposedly you'll get a report on the agent in the oil and the concentration and if it has Microbiological contamination. i dont know if these "labs" are legitimate though. its a roll of the dice