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    Bunk Diazepam from Granabolic exposed

    Ok I'm done
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    Bunk Diazepam from Granabolic exposed

    And if Sherk didn't remove my post from the other thread. I said quote "don't buy the diazepam right now. Grana is testing it." But all you see is what Sherk wants you to see. Unbelievable. You people are so fucked up...
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    Bunk Diazepam from Granabolic exposed

    Have you tested it yet Grana? It's been 2months and I'm out $200. I never told people here you were a scammer. Sherk erased a bunch of my posts. I'm being pretty fucking patient here. Especially when they take down my TOX SCREEEN results. But I see you guys have your tongues so far up...
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    Bunk Diazepam from Granabolic exposed

    No offense btw...and I make my own AAS therefore do NOT need or want anything made by a sponsor here AAS wise. If they want me to test something I'd be happy to. A sponsor sent me some tren to test 4 years ago and it was Test C with food coloring. Yep. Sorry
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    Bunk Diazepam from Granabolic exposed

    You're a fucking robot that takes it up the ass by these thieves.
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    Bunk Diazepam from Granabolic exposed

    Oh...ok...so it's fine for them to advertise a product that's junk as long as it's not AAS? I see. Sorry. My mistake.
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    GrAnabolic's Customer Reviews

    Oh you just became the Rep 1-16-22. So there was no Rep. I was just talking to the guy who runs Granabolic. Which is the source. Isn't that even more reputable? And where are my tox screen posts I put up showing no Diazepam in my system? Why am I trying to help people not waste their money...
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    Bunk Diazepam from Granabolic exposed

    I have 1 months worth of emails, no refund, no tests done by Grana, tox screens of my own, and now benzo testing kits. Do not buy Diazepam from Granabolic. It is junk and I'll prove it. Wait for them to fix the situation... From a past sponsor with a spotless record. YOU TEST EVERYTHING YOU...
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    GrAnabolic's Customer Reviews

    Dude I posted my Tox screen. They measure in nanograms bro. WTF! Sherk I remember you from back in the day. You are a cool dude. But how the fuck is someone supposed to know you are the rep for Gran? Seriously...? Seriously...? Tell me how. And I've waited patiently since the middle of...
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    Bunk anxiety meds Grana

    Nothing yet. I could get a $20 test from walgreens and post a video putting these pillz straight in from the blister pack. That's what will happen in about 48 hours. Thanks for your support Grana and the ASF community.
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    How often do you "switch it up" with your training?

    I think Ronnie Coleman would switch his routine up every 6 months from back to forward. But that dude didn't start using gearz till like 1996 supposedly. With top notch genetics, lifting heavy as fuck, and late gear usage he was the perfect specimen. More importantly i hear guys running 3...
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    NPP and emotionally f@cked

    That is a very good point. I made this mistake. I did Test 500 and EQ 500 my first cycle. EQ gave me pretty bad anxiety. Plus I wasn't taking AI. Man please guys. Listen to the vets. For your first cycle do 300mg to 500mg AT MOST with AI. This is crucial. See how you react to Test. Then...
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    Cycle coming to an end

    Drop your calories by about 500g each week for 3 weeks. Done
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    Flash Labs FREE PROP SALE!

    Test prop is painful as fuck. Why do you think they're giving it away.
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    You're just fucking with this dude. That is so hard to pin unless it's like Test Prop. That gauge is too small for most oils.