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  • Hey Sid , (Johnny Rotten ) I am having a hard time contacting the guy from MFL , could you please send me a e mail or ask him to shout at me please ??? Sounds like this source is top notch !!!! Sounds exciting , anyways if you can't help me out its ok I still like Nancy
    Yo I ordered 2 sust and 2 tren december 30 sent
    Money he wrote will tell me when shipped i
    Message bin a few
    Times no response if it was shipped and I'm out of gear .
    what's up bro I'm waiting on a package from the 3rd of last month. Ricky hasn't got back to me which is real weird.
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    Sorry not trying to blow up the threads with my anxieties, just wanna know im g2g. Looks like labs will be the best indicator. I was hoping that with pinning 2 grams the first two weeks I wouldn't need labs for proof. Anyway ill just be patient, I appreciate your input, its been helpful
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