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  • I need a new email address this one bounced: kinglabs@protonmail.com


    Your sponsor payment of $800 is due by JUNE 1.

    * NEW Bitcoin Addy's *

    • Segwit BTC: bc1qzh9d7rfw48yvjt5ny6j7neekluju44yh0k5esr
    • Legacy BTC: 3NBqaxVpZ81kad99cqArTG3JDt8NBA2oE7

    PLEASE let me know once the payment has been sent.

    Thank you!
    Hey brother hope your doing good..I've placed a couple of orders from you guys..the oils were good..my last order I ordered 3 packs of anavar and some provirion..I had them tested by a friend at the gym..the anavar tested fine..but the provirion didn't have any provirion in it..just figured I would let you know and see if we could work something out maybe.. didn't want to post on the board figured I would keep it between us
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