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    Low Sperm Count and Cruise.

    Just ended a long cycle. My blood work is good just slightly high Cholesterol. My sperm count is very low. 3 Million. When the standard is 40 Million and higher. Not really wanting to PCT my doctor is going to provide some Clomid and i already have hcg and nolva but i want to Cruise. Im...
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    Sustanon and PCT

    If you were just running just sustanon for 12 weeks when would you start your pct.
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    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    Two rappers have the top two songs on the iTunes charts right now both “Lets Go Brandon Songs”
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    Bible Thread

    Ive been reading the ERV ( easy to read version) instead of the king james version. Its so much easier to follow and actually enjoyable to read.
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    Tell me about your first cycle.

    First cycle was about 4 years ago. I ran Test and Var. took a few weeks to notice significant changes but once i noticed i remember looking in the mirror and having a Holy Fcuk moment looking at myself. I didnt recognize myself. Litterally my delts and my traps looked like mountains i had a nice...
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    Delt injection pain

    I would recommend watching some YouTube videos of how to pin properly. Just remember you are going to get swelling and pain most likely since your body is not use to it
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    Delt injection pain

    If your not use to pinning your delts its going to be sore once you first start doing it. Gonna take a bunch of times before your muscle is use to it. Just like any muscle your glutes as well. Its going to be awhile before your muscles get use to pinning any new location. Also make sure your...
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    Date a Single Mom Dancer? Maintaining Sanity

    And guys please let this man have his thread back. Can you make a new thread to fight on. Lol
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    Date a Single Mom Dancer? Maintaining Sanity

    There was alot of good advice in this thread but youve already had your mind made up that you want to be with her before you even posted it. Your just sifting through the comments looking for the one or two people to give you validation so you can feel like the situation you are in is ok. Ill...
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    Date a Single Mom Dancer? Maintaining Sanity

    By you asking shows you are having second thoughts. You shouldn’t be having these strong of doubts this early on. When I was younger in my early 20s i met a stripper at a strip club we started dating and it became serious and after a few months she moved in with me. At the time i never had any...
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    Read a bunch of good reviews with Gear Church. Made an order ... very fast turn around.
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    The worst news imaginable for gym bro’s....

    Were all about to get small. 😢
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    The worst news imaginable for gym bro’s....

    I was just walking out the door and the wife stopped me and showed me an email saying it was closed smh
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    Cheaper Pins?

    Only place i shop is 50 pack of 3ml leur lock With needles on them for like $13 then you can get 50 pack whatever size needls for like $6
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    How Big and Long Is Your Pin!!?

    25g 1” glute and Quads 25g 5/8 Delts