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    Question about proviron

    Perfect, thank you!!
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    Question about proviron

    My TRT is with my primary care doc, and he doesnt prescribe the Proviron. I want my test levels to be lower for labs, so he continues the TRT every year. I run labs my own labs for checking my levels throughout the year on my own. This lab is for yearly TRT only.
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    Question about proviron

    Currently on TRT and taking 50mg proviron once day. I have a blood lab coming on soon for doc who has me prescried the trt. How long should I stop taking the proviron before the lab so my free test levels arent high for the labs?
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    never had issue w GC! solid
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    Couldnt Donate Blood

    the 18 was my labs two weeks ago. She said it was 22 today and cutoff is 20.
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    Couldnt Donate Blood

    With those levels, do you think drinking plenty water few days before and day of and cutting out food with lots iron would get me under their cutoff? She said it was only 2 points over and tried both fingers.
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    Couldnt Donate Blood

    I probably wasnt hydrated enough for sure. this is first time. my labs last week were hemoglobin at 18 and hematocrit 53.8. Is that dangerously high? I was told slightly high.
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    Couldnt Donate Blood

    Went to donate blood and couldnt because my iron level was to high. It was only 2 points outside the acceptable range. She said maybe consume less red meats and foods with higher iron and try back in 4 days. This was my first time ever donating. My last labs had my hemoglobin at 18 and...
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    Proviron - Lethargic/Tired?

    I never had an issue with the CYP alone, for over 1 year now. I also got it for what Joker described as the benefits. Ill give it few more days. Appreciate everyone's comments .
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    Proviron - Lethargic/Tired?

    Has anyone experienced being lethargic with Proviron? On low TRT 300mg Test C wk and 50mg Prov 50mg ed ... Only on day 3 of Proviron but feel tired within two hours each day? I actually forgot to take it this morning and felt great no tiredness, took it around 1pm and boom tired again.
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    Recommendation from the PIT

    I’m not worried about cost. What are your recommendations for pharma grade sources? Message me if you don’t won’t to offend our board sponsors please.
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    Top Quality Cialis @

    The morning hard on and the morning piss, make it a little difficult.
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy – A Recipe for Success

    Who do y’all recccomend for labs? My primary doc has be on TRT, BUT I blast a tad bit higher , not much. He only prescribes 200mg every two weeks. Free T is 16 at that range. I have been at 250mg a week. Feel better, no sides. Just don’t want to pay arm leg for labs. I feel I could go a little...
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    A Cocaine nasal spray just got FDA approved

    To much cut! LOL
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    Best place/price for blood labs ??

    Looking for best place to have labs done? Any discount codes?