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  • Hãy nhanh tay đăng kí học kế toán tại đống đa giảm giá học phí lên tới 50% hp
    Kế toán hà nội khai giảng lớp học kế toán tại minh khai thực hành thực tế
    Nhanh tay chọn cho mình lớp học kế toán tại từ liêm thực hành trên chứng từ thực tế
    Thank you in advance for your time. I am new to this board. I used to read all the time in 2010-2011 and then life got in the way as I'm sure you can appreciate. I used to use IP (Ron Rogers) in China to get my gear until he closed. I am looking for some advice on cycles to start back on and a reputable source. I have read some of the posts from Heayiron on first cycles. Very good advice. I have seen RC labs and Steroids fax so far but not sure who to trust being new to the board. Any help you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you.
    Hey has I heard something about mjr caber message me back bro I can't on the iPhone but basically a mass spec test was done on it and it came back a mixture of tamoxifen and prami but I see you got bloods and looked good so hit me up bro thanks
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