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    Why choose to buy FUT 22 Coins on RPGStash

    Is this SPAM? What the hell are you talking about? This is the research and home brew section.. Personally, I could care less about purchasing FUT 22 coins..
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    Severe delays with Granabolic

    why not just go to a dermatologist? lol..
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    No on the exotic oils please!

    how is MCT better than GSO,CSO OR SFO? MCT is junk in my opinion, for one people are allergic to it. Food grade oils like SFO are best in my opinion. It maybe a little bit thicker, but who the hell cares? And if source is using guicaolol oil, he can't get shit to hold. Plus the stuff stinks and...
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    Hutech or hupharma

    hupharma, best to stay away.. we can just leave it at that.
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    Home brew question

    If you know how to brew, why does it matter if anybody used this guy for his recipes? He probably has the same Chinese recipes that others found online.. You think he has some patented formula? lol..
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    I just picked me up some Choriomon 5000iu (20 vials).. stuff is hard to find! No Chinese stuff here..
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    Home brew question

    He is using the same raw sources that everyone else is using. There are around 6.
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    No bitcoin

    you can train a monkey to setup cash app and buy btc in minutes. If your bank declines your card, you just need to call them, and tell them to let the future transfers go through.. good luck
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    Is oil based winstrol without guaiacol even possible?

    Winstrol made in oil and with guaiacol is garbage. Injectable Winstrol can me made with bb, ba, ps80, and distilled water. The raw has to be micronized. I am a huge fan of water based stuff including test suspension. If you want some kick ass inj winstrol, that is probably the best on the...
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    I always get a real bad stuffy nose when taking viagra. Sometimes even a headache. I even tried taking Benadryl and Zyrtec together with the viagra, and still had a stuffy nose. Just one of those side effects ya have to do with sometimes.
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    New Old Member

    Ive been around since 2002. Not saying I know everything, but there is 100% truth about the stories about Dynasty being over there, and Millard was involved. How much involved? I cant say for certain, but if you fled the USA to goto France where he can't be touched, he was in deep. Very deep. I...
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    New Old Member

    It is quite funny actually. He polices that forum, like he is the top dog over there, and then he thinks he is invincible, then proceeds to bash Naps, then gets banned for threatening him. Then gets unbanned, only to proceed to troll on Naps, and then gets banned for spamming Naps threads. You...
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    New Old Member

    Active? lol.. He hasn't posted or logged on here in months. But he may show up again, word on the street over at Meso, he was banned again from there.. haha
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    Source requiring pics of WU receipt?

    It is a process to wash BTC. BTC tumblers/washers are a scam, perpetrated on the dark web, hoping you will wash your coins with them for a small fee. Its total nonsense.. Like I said, its a process to wash BTC, and yes you need to do it with Monero, and of the the 1:1 USD tokens..