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    Giving PSL a try

    Well little update to maybe put that member at ease. Products came in and were packaged very well. The cialis is fire and I already feel so much better after a week on the test compared to the old stuff I was previously using. Pinned smooth. I will be getting bloods after a couple weeks...
  2. Intense

    Giving PSL a try

    Long time no see bro! Glad to see you're still kicking in these crazy times.
  3. Intense

    Giving PSL a try

    Nice! I can definitely do that. I'm guessing privatemdlabs is still g2g even with covid and everything? Just can't judge me on my other numbers. I'm kind of scared to check.. but know I need to. I need to donate blood. Like a gallon of it I'm sure.
  4. Intense

    Giving PSL a try

    Have been away a while and needed some trt supplies. Giving psl a go for the first time to see what the quality is like. They’re still around so that says something test and cialis I will report back when received.
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    Ordered some test C, modafinil, and cialis. Came in very quickly and discretely packaged! Haven’t tried them out yet but about to pin some cyp. Thanks for the great service!
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    UFOs swarming US Navy destroyer: Genuine

    https://youtu.be/PkPn-YMp9vI Here’s a better video of one showing their movement on radar.
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    UFOs swarming US Navy destroyer: Genuine

    Pilots like Commander Fravor have come out about their sightings and experiences regarding ufos. Especially off the coast of California. It’s been going on for a while now. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/navy-pilot-recalls-encounter-ufo-unlike/story%3fid=51856514 They...
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    New to the board

    O hai enjoi the forum http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/threads/110459-Tranny-sex-gay
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    How Injectable Glutathione (TAD-600) Works in the Body (Anti-Aging)

    Superior race? What do you mean. Are you being racist? I will not stand for this. Your words offended me. Pay the price.
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    Tranny sex gay?

    I leave for a year or so and this forum turns into a tranny positive orgy. Some things never change.
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    video of GSD found

    Completely unaware but I like tits
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    Anyone used Amazon? I tried them this last go round. Cheap quality. Probably won’t use again.
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    Modafinil question

    I administer drug tests and no it is not on any panel. Except for maybe a specialized federal job that is more extensive than a 12 panel.
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    The orals I used a year or so ago were good they seemed.
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    voting fraud exposed

    This election has been a total joke and a great injustice for democracy.