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  • Hey bro not sure I’m doing this pm thing right. So let me know if you get this.

    Anyways ya decided to listen diligently to the guys in here. Got a little butt hurt at first about the whole body workout thing but that’s because I knew it wasn’t ideal but just tried keeping shit simple at the gym. Won’t be doing that anymore.

    Trying to figure out how to get some labs done tomorrow with out paying $300. I’m short in thoughts right now but just want to say thanks for reaching out and helping a brother out, lord knows I need it.
    yeah man- if it was me I would do a simple cycle of testosterone either E or C.- U would do 250mg. on Monday and Thursday-500 mg a week and see how ur body reacts. to really be able to give u good advice,I would really need to know a little more: age, height, weight, how long u been lifting etc. Most guys would tell u to start here. have u been diagnosed w/ low test or do u have any other health issues? hows ur diet? U really have to eat ALOT of protein for this stuff too work man, but that's ur basic first cycle and this should be done 12 to 14 wks and then u need to have the stuff to do pct-post cycle therapy- if ur not gonna be on test replacement therapy (trt) There is plenty of info in here on pct( i'm not an expert on this as i stay on a low dose of test-when not on cycle) good luck bro!
    How are u bro just from seen u post in the threads u seem like u know a lot and are a good man so I am asking ur opinion so Im thinking of doing my first course of as what would u do for ur first one if u were starting out again?
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