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  • Thanks for the words of encouragement my friend. I've been seeing this doctor now for about a year and he put me on this stuff called suboxone to help get me off the pain pills. I'm down to one milligram a day of Suboxone, but I just cannot get off that last milligram.. and you are right about my natural test being depleted. My doc had me on Andro gel 2% for about 6 months then pulled me off right when everything got back to normal. I don't have withdraws from the suboxone. after about 3 to 5 days of not taking it, I'm so unmotivated and lethargic.. my doctor keeps telling me we need to continue to take it until my brain evens out. Whatever the f*** that means. I know deep down in me I have to get my inside strong again. I'm starting a nootropic regimen on Monday so I'm hoping that will help.. I live in Phoenix Arizona, not too sure where you're at but if you know anybody out here who knows their way around the gym and nutrition I would love to work with them..
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