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  • I sent an email yesterday requesting a updated list and haven't received a reply? I also sent a new order email today and haven't gotten a reply? Are yall up and running?
    Hey man I sent an email a little while ago, trying to make use of the July special and I wanted a list if possible, thanks!
    Hey heavy, I sent a new order request to the email I had been using and I saw a new one at securenet. I haven't had a response from either which you guys are usually super-fast. Is there a new one for orders now?
    I sent a new order on the email and haven’t received a response
    No problem.
    I sent the screenshot, copy and pasted the email, got a response but I still haven’t received a bitcoin address. This is normally a really fast process from my experience with you guys.
    Any word brother ? I’m still waiting I even sent a new email yesterday. Just trying to stay on top of this with how much bitcoin fluctuates. I’ve been waiting since Tuesday night to get the bitcoin address sent to me
    Im in this for the long haul too man. Coming off isn’t an option for me at this point. I’ve got six kids and haven’t come off in a decade. And I don’t blame you for being skeptical. That’s good that you know the dude and trust him....but like you said in this business very few people last forever because it isn’t exactly legal. If you ever do decide to place an order with monster let me know and I’ll make sure you get hooked up with a good discount to try us out
    Yeah the dude is a good dude I know personally I’m just a cynical person in general and always suspicious, always been a straight shooter so I’m probably more paranoid than I should be. I don’t think this is the first post you’ve replied on of mine so that’s the main reason I reached out to you.
    This guy might be a great source but I don’t want to be dependent on him, people flip but businesses don’t and not saying you’re in it for the business but your sponsors are and will be around awhile and to be real I’m going to be dependent on this like you implied on your reply to my message. I have done a shit ton of research but at this point I’m just gonna have to start trying some sources with some small orders and see how it goes.
    I don’t know if this is actually private cause I can see others messages but direct me I’d be happy to inquire and put in an order in with someone you know and start the process, cause like we’ve both said, I’m gonna be in this for a good minute.
    And if your natural test levels are low, you definitely need someone you can count on because you will be in this for the long haul like me. I haven’t stopped in over ten years and will continue the rest of my life. If these guys treat you well, have decent prices, and your results are there feel free to stick with them. My opinion was just based on having never heard of them and you asked if anyone had
    No biggie man. No hurt feelings on my part. I’ve been in this game a long time though and I’ve been burned several times. I tend to stick to the sponsors that have been around a long time. The scammers come in fast with huge sales and tons of promotions and seem great and then they disappear. I also only buy domestic now. I’ve had a few foreign orders seized and it’s scary as fuck getting that seizure letter. Much less likely with domestic sources. What are you currently paying from this source? I don’t want to sound like a douche a just recommend the guys I rep for, but there’s a reason I’m with them and I’ve got a huge drawer full of their gear I could send you, lol. It’s all I use anymore besides the occasional stuff I get for free to review
    Hey bud out of respect for the sponsors and that group not being big in here I didn’t want to say this on the forum post, but I did some digging on other forums and they get consistent gtg responses specifically on gtg, I’m probably gonna try to secure my own source though since my test levels are non existent and I’m going to be in this for a long time it seems. My biggest concern is the legal aspect of getting caught that’s why I went with someone I know but if you can give me some information on the process and how and who I should order from I would be appreciated cause this supply will last me roughly 6 months

    Thanks again man.
    Greetings my friend. I've received notice that monster is now accepting credit cards. Is this option only for frequent customers?
    Hey, I appreciate you responding to my question...I’m actually glad it was a rep, because I wanted to let you guys know something privately, rather than posting for everyone to see....

    The Viagra I purchased does not work AT ALL...I kinda got frustrated and took 4 “100mg” tablets and it did absolutely nothing...I’m not messaging you to complain or talk shit...I know sometimes shit happens in the production phase...

    Here is the lot number 810FF64

    I hope that helps...it would be awesome if you guys would send another pack so I’ll be a return customer!! I WANT your products to work...the prices are great and the transaction was SO easy!!
    Have you tried blue sky's adex? I usually use maresearch, but I can't get the site to work.

    Maybe you have another suggestion besides bluesky. Thanks man!!
    Hey I’m new to this forum. I am working out very hard. I do high rise construction on top of that I have s very fast metabolism and naturally a skinny guy. I eat proper and work out hard as I can 5 days a week. Sometimes 6. I have a buddy that gets gym gear. But he’s very secretive about it and won’t help me get any. It’s like he doesn’t want me to get big as him or something. So if you can please point me in the right direction. Will be greatly appreciated.
    I’ve decided I’ll go with Test E at 600mg/week , pin 300mgs Mon. & Thurs. Should I run the var through the whole cycle at 75 mgs daily or start it at week 4-12? Thanks for all the help!
    Whether you use sust or e is personal preference. I like both. As far as the Anavar...that would make a nice addition. 60-80 mgs daily is a pretty good place to start
    Hey man, I want to place an order with you guys . I’ve done 5 cycles before and I know I do best on 500mg twice a week (Mon/Thursday pins) 250mg a pin. With sust 250. I’ll do a 12 week cycle so I believe I need 5 bottles. My PCT will be nolva and clomid. (Never had gyno issues)Would you recommend running some anavar with it in the beginning ? If so how much should I run? I want to keep this cycle very simple since I haven’t done one in about 3 years . Thanks again!
    Most people use arimidex during their cycle and then use tamoxifen as part of their pct. tamoxifen can also be used during the cycle for someone who is prone to gyno
    I had placed an order...my buddy referred me to you guys cause he said you guys were the best...the problem is i had ordered 2 bottles of test and adex but didn't receive the adex...can someone help me out with this?
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