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    SB Labs -New Minimum Order- Starting Sept 1st

    I thought that you guys already had a minimum, but who really orders less, especially with the deals you guys have every goddamn month! Wtf am I gonna do with one bottle? Rule #1 - have your entire cycle in possession before starting it. Rule 2 - see rule 1. Basics there really.
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    My use of the word TROOP

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    Jano MIA take precautions if ordering

    Yeah, there's something rotten in the air around that forum, apparently it's security has been compromised, but by whom? There's an imposter forum up and one of the 3 comments is apparently, or allegedly, from the guy who oversaw the real version. Sucky times right now.
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    My use of the word TROOP

    SB always done right by me, and I'm a demanding prick. SB came on hard AF and is the top dog now in my opinion, and I've been around since Tokkyo Labs lol, old man here. Dan Duchaine taught me to give an idea of how old. SB is the truth in a world of BSers and liars.
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    New here? Updated List Thread! SB LABS

    Hi guys, I'm a previous customer, may I have a list please? Wanna take advantage of the July deal, only a fool would pass that up!
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    SB Labs- July Promotion Sale

    Awesome sale bro! So, if I understand correctly, special oils include Tren and Mast? Both A and E if wanted?
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    Anyone know where I could find some good PDFs on anabolics? and a few questions.

    https://www.pdfdrive.com/ Good stuff here, especially if you know what you're looking for. People complaining about "old info" might be forgetting that there hasn't been a real AAS created since long before most were alive, that many were created by German scientists to create super soldiers...
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    Feedback from our SB tren users

    In my experience I get no real sides from the Ace pinned EOD, but the E every 5th day I turn into a walking side effect, drenched every night, short of breath, caughing like the guys saying how great weed is, but of course no Tren boner, of course lol. At least my temperament is somewhat normal...
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    OxygenGym.Store horrible customer service and crooks

    Sounds like they advertise on the Oxygen channel, and in Curves lol. Thankfully you only spent what you could afford to lose, I do the same on 1st orders from new sources. Still sucks don't get me wrong Brockjhammer, but could've been much worse.
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    New HPLC report on 50mg anavar

    That's how ya do it SB, definitely glad I rolled the dice with SB, this just makes it all the better 🤝
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    Favorite test Esther?

    Sustanon hands down, followed by Test PP. But I do throw in a pin of cyp once a week when I'm "on". Sustanon gives me the best side effect ever since the first time I ran it with my supply of Ttokkyo brand - boners like in in 9th grade science class looking up Mary Jo Anderson's skirt again, or...
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    Second order SB

    Sorry about that, won't happen again multi.
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    Second order SB

    Everyone can use a little sweet surprise in their day! You're so right heavyhitter, that little touch can change a mood no joke.
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    Second order SB

    So, placed and received another order. Replied to immediately, tracking # ASAP, after the xxxxxxx trans cleared, and absolutely the fastest t/a time from a xxxxxxxxx outfit. Cannot say enough good about these guys, they make Amazon look like clowns. Never a broken promise, never an unexplained...
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    Exactly Bpark, I feel so much safer now that apparently violent crime and dangerous drugs like fent have apparently been stopped and eradicated, murder rate is zero, and, well, just simply everything more dangerous is gone! Phew, weight off my shoulders, no need to protect my wife, daughter, or...