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    If only you could see!!!

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    Over 40 section?

    53 next week. Sounds good to me
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    Tren then elephant on my chest

    Cardarine has worked wonders for me this go round with tren. Huge difference actually!
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    Wesley 500lb No Hand Squat

    Damn sir!
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    Wesley + Poundstone

    Go on ahead with your bad self Wes!
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    Welcome sir
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    Wes is definitely the man! Super deals for no reason other than he feels like it. Customer service like no other.
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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

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    Yes, explains a lot. Just thought GC didn't like me no more
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    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    Sad day indeed!
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    Dark Meat

    Never knew I liked dark meat so much!
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    This Weekend-Response Times

    Prayers to you and your family
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    💥 The Patriot Party 💥

    Count me in
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    Trump Delivers Farewell Address to the Nation

    We're in a whole lotta trouble with hidin Biden! Bad days to come