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  • Half the DQ tab and the MA Somatozine total 22.5mg's and that is plenty. I think you build a tolerance to it after a bit. I only run it for a few months at a time and when I'm blasting I run IL Puretropines. I think the weight gain is some water with MK but it is good for keeping your gains from a cycle.
    Hmm interesting! I will do some more reading about it and source checking. 10lbs in a month huh, that’s awesome. Do you run it when bulking or anytime? Thanks for feedback. I did see Gorilla site has them but I’ve never ordered from them so not sure. What dose u run? I follow Marc lobliner from tiger fitness and he takes it (through a hormine doctor tho) and he doses 25mg per day I believe.
    I got it from DQ. Ran it before they closed shop last year and got this batch as a freebie on my last order. I actually split them with MA labs Somatozin in the PM and it helps with sleep. I usually gain about 10 lbs in the first month of running it. If you do take it in the am be aware that it makes you drowsy
    Hello, I seen your post about running the mk677 and was curious about it and if you’re able to point me in the direction of where I might be able to get some? I do all my ordering only from monster but I’m really intrigued about adding this into my plan. Thanks in advance,
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