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  • Question for the great Gibbs.
    Whats on the agenda for chick flick Fridays?
    Don't tell me it's sister act with Whoopi Goldberg :geewhiz:
    Mot lat sau, mot ai nhan tien ra, thi le voi Han Thac:
    - Bang huu ton quy, chung ta nguyen y cung nguoi chia xe bi mat cua mo quang nay, moi nguoi vao cung khai thac voi chung ta!
    Trong long vui ve, Han Thac khiem ton nha nhan noi: dịch vụ dọn dẹp sổ sách
    chung cư hà nội
    hoc ke toan tai dong nai
    Rattan bedroom set
    mu private
    nhạc sàn cực mạnh

    - Da ta cac nguoi tin nhiem, ta rat vui long cung cac nguoi cong tac.
    Noi xong nhung loi nay, ai nhan nay truoc tien dem thi the hai phong nhan ma lang dua vao trong dong, sau do cung voi Han Thac dung la cay che kin cua dong de nguy trang roi cuoi cung dan han di vao trong mo.
    Chuong 68 : Hac thiet khoang
    Ladies and gentlemen, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has officially arrived, and while it might not have been able to meet the sky-high expectations, it’s treated us to a ton of new features - See More: samsung galaxy S5 unlocked
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