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    Hey guys

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    Local! New sale!

    Hey bros on ASF, Thank you for supporting Giant Lab as usual. New sale is going on ^-^ HGH 99% 1-2 kits: 15% off 3-5 kits: 20% off over 5kits: 25% off. HGH 98% 1-2 kits: 15% off 3-5 kits: 20% off over 5kits: 25% off. Other products All 15% off, minimum order 10vials. Plz send your inquriy...
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    Hi Hi Hi There

    Welcome to asf
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    Fabulous promo only for ASF bros! Giant Lab

    Get in on this sale! Top quality HGH.
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    New to forum.

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    Hey guys!!

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    Not new but never posted

    Glad to see your first post, welcome.
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    Pench here from other boards would like to say Hi

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    any HCG around here

    Giant Lab. Local shipping. Now offer 20% discount for all asf bros.
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    Welcome to ASF!
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    Happy to be here!

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