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  • Can you check on an order that was missing product? See order number 59030. Missing three bottles of Test E 300. I got an email stating my product had shipped but I do not know of this is an email for the first shipment or an email for the missing product. Tks
    Also, any help with fast payment options would be greatly appreciated. I typically have used MG but I would like to try something different.
    Lost my account info so I made another one. About to place an order. Can I try the BTC discount please or any other discounts you can help with?
    Hey man, I ordered once 4 weeks ago and I’m running your gear and love it , but I never put a discount code in and paid full price . I am ordering some anavar to run at the end of my cycle from you today, can I get a first order discount please ? Thanks man!! Love your stuff so far !!
    Ordered last Friday using BTC so the payment was instant. Asked for tracking info but no response. What's going on?
    Bought some Tren ace you all a month back and wasn’t able to start cycle until recently. Went to check the vials and there was a bunch of stuff resting in t the bottom? Once you shake it, it goes away. Currently in the process of heating the vials in a bowl of water. Any suggestions on what it is, what to do or if it’s still safe to use?
    Hey man, i just joined this site, i saw your post in a thread from a little while back about dnp... do ypu still know a good source?
    Hey bro I'm new to all of this.
    Im thinking about getting the anadrol orals and I'm looking for something to burn body fat.

    Are you guys running any sales right now?
    Also do you have any tips for a newbie?
    Recently ordered my first cycle and was curious how long the process was for sending the money by mail. It was delivered to the destination today and I never heard if they received the payment. Just curious if you could ease my mind with the knowledge of the time frames! Thanks man!
    New guy here, I currently have an order at 139 total, if I use the heck10 code and it drops below 135 will it allow me to checkout?
    Hey man , heading awesone things about ML . My question is what oils do you use for your injectiables? I’m looking to get the Test Cyp 300!
    Hey man I’m trying to be a first time customer and was wondering about coupons and promo deals thanks in advance
    Hey Bro!
    I am getting ready to place another order. I was wondering if you had any specials or discount codes? Thanks man!
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