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    Big Ramy wins OLYMPIA 2021

    Fake boy lol. Dude has zero striation whatsoever. Really odd. He definitely wins on structure like you say. I have the feeling if Clarida puts on any more size his waist is gonna blow out. He was hard and dense and hell and crazy full. Wish Feroce would come back and mop the floor with Derek but...
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    DECA vs NPP

    NPP is my favorite compound, but pinning EOD or E3D gets old when going that long. I'd go with deca for the longer run. Less chances of missed shots because you forget or don't feel like doing it
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    Big Ramy wins OLYMPIA 2021

    Yeah man he nailed it again. Awesome for him! He's a combo of size and conditioning that will be really hard to beat if he keeps bringing it like this. What do you think of the rest of the lineup? I honestly think, judging by all the pics and vids I saw, that Curry was gifted over Hadi, and...
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    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    Figured I'd drop a couple little tales here regarding COVID treatment using IVM. A fried of ours recently got COVID pretty badly and his doctor refused to do anything until he has breathing problems of course. So I hooked him up with a course of the FLCCC's early treaent protocol using human...
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    Our Brother REHH

    Damn man. I'm sorry to hear this. I wish the best for you man, and if there's anything I can ever do just let me know. We talked about it before but for the astragalus my wife ran 8+g daily, and that's the dose that permanently improved her kidney function. Plus a bunch of antioxidants like...
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    No appetite wtf???

    Orals or tren?
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    Beginning to feel disappointed

    I agree 100% man. Eat clean for the most part, nothing worse than eating a burger and fries then trying to lift the same day lol. It's good here and there. Try swapping out the brown rice for a few days though. Leave it in for one meal, before I had GI problems I had good luck with having it...
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    Beginning to feel disappointed

    This is true, but it's the enzyme in it that causes nutrient malabsorption that causes the problems. I thought this was common knowledge in the bodybuilding world these days. Go watch some interviews with Matt Jansen, John Meadows, Chris Aceto, etc. They've all said the same thing about brown...
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    Beginning to feel disappointed

    Lol I'm not saying to only eat white rice lol. My point is broken rice causes digestive problems for most people, and if you're not digesting it, you're not utilizing it. I personally shit out everything I eat undigested when I eat it with brown rice. I'm not the only one. Plus it's proven that...
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    Beginning to feel disappointed

    I disagree on brown rice being good for anything man. It causes noticable gastric stress and bad digestion for me with even one meal a day. I've heard many others say the same. I'm assuming that enzyme in it that causes malabsorption of micronutrients is the cause. Plus I don't see many higher...
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    Beginning to feel disappointed

    I wouldn't clean up the diet per se, I think you are probably not eating enough good food. Brown rice is shit imo, maybe one meal a day tops. The rest oats, potato, sweet potato, white rice, hell even pasta. Eat the same thing daily. Definitely get on a better training split. Maybe Fortitude...
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    Beginning to feel disappointed

    I'm not sure what your goal actually is, but if it's bodybuilding your diet and training are the problem. Try eating the exact same thing every day, all foods weighed out. Incorporate better carbs like oats, white rice, and some fruit. Make sure you're getting enough fats. One beef meal at...
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    Shoes for leg day

    I wear vans for most lifting and just change shoes for cardio. Keeps my feet flat and grounded and prevents my cardio shoes from wearing out so fast
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    How often do you guys lift

    Right now I'm getting in what I can, 3-4 days per week. Mountaindog style workouts. Split is like this: Legs Chest/shoulders Off Back Arms/leg pump Off Off If it works out like that. Half the time it's either all pushed together without the off day in between, or I take two off in the middle...
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    Eating to Grow and A1C

    Yes sir