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  1. Frankdoz

    Bayer Primo

    That Dosent prove anything
  2. Frankdoz

    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    So wait you get fired for not vaccinated but not you you can work after 8 days ??
  3. Frankdoz

    how the f*ck are the bigger guys pinning?

    Question is how do they do 3 mgs test 3 x per week , 3 mgs deca , 10 ml tren lol . Pros are crazy
  4. Frankdoz


    Maybe exit scam ?? Or maybe just a store front change .
  5. Frankdoz

    Bayer Primo

    Has anyone tested these at jano
  6. Frankdoz

    New hair loss peptide !!

    Do you grow new hair ??
  7. Frankdoz

    Xmas sale

    OK so I’m juggling the idea of the Trt plus or is I isacorporate and stenbolone better for same gains at trt doses. I know stens not a trt compound .
  8. Frankdoz

    New hair loss peptide !!

    Where from
  9. Frankdoz

    aod9604/fragment176-191 ?

    Aod is different
  10. Frankdoz

    Flash Labs Merry Testosterone Sale!

    Any test results on product
  11. Frankdoz

    Wesley VS Turkesterone by Iron Mag Labs

    Can this be taken with test or is it a test booster
  12. Frankdoz

    NEW Nootropic - Mood Enhancer coming

    Send me some lol
  13. Frankdoz

    Move Over James Bond

    Apparently the rocks up to do it
  14. Frankdoz

    How Long Can You Run Gear?

    Plenty of pros run 2 gs year round
  15. Frankdoz

    How Long Can You Run Gear?

    Pros run year round . Of course they also push 5 g test , 2 g tren and don’t usually line last 55.