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    Red Dots-Handguns

    I have one on the way , paid 419 from palmetto it’s attached to their glock 19 slide with threaded barrel and suppressor sights . Hell of a deal if you ask me
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    I’m not sure What model you have or the type of mask . My cpap will ramp up after like 30 minutes so I can fall asleep . I have had one for about 4 months or so and can’t get a whole night with it on . I try my best but like you no matter what I wake up with it on the floor .I do wear a mask...
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    Favorite vacation destinations

    Stuffs getting stupid here but anyways my vacation spots are really anywhere in the mountains away from people . I spent a week in ludlow vermont last month . It’s a ski town with tons of water to fish and people. Are friendly .
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    Favorite vacation destinations

    Scad has been buying up all of the buildings , they bought it he old hospital at Forsyth park that at one time was a law school. The building are beautiful and people are redoing all of the old houses but one block they cost 700K and right around the corner is mlk and those are shit. You are...
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    Favorite vacation destinations

    Lol Savannah is a shit hole .The wife and I were there Saturday and three people shot right in downtown city market . They have a fucked up mayor and now the district attorney is some New Democrat that is reducing crime by not arresting people . A couple of weeks ago they gave a man probation...
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    Not a new member but… here’s my physique

    Looking good man even with a shirt on that’s impressive
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    Test E - fake?

    Test e is real it’s your dick that’s bunk prove me wrong with blood tests.
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    2A Thread (and all things gun)

    These fuckers lost their mind
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    Just How Poor or Rich..??

    I don’t really agree with this , I personally know plenty of people who were born with a silver spoon up their ass and never had any type of hardship growing up and turned out to be just completely shit while their sibling is successful. Same environment and upbringing. While obstacles and...
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    Do any of you believe in demons?

    I don’t believe in any of that stuff personally.my brother did buy an old house last year and doing a complete renovation to it , there have been a couple of the workers that keep hearing some weird stuff even one guy who got so scared that he hauled ass leaving his tools . We would joke about...
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    Can NOT donate blood! Help!

    I have to know what the story is from that , did it clog the sink when it dried?
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    Just How Poor or Rich..??

    I grew up pretty poor single mother father in prison.she remarried and my step dad worked his ass off to support us . My wife grew up upper middle class and went to college . She makes good money now after going back to school for another degree while I am blue collar but make great money for...
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    What did you inject today? 💉

    200 test e
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    Stop being an idiot?

    I have a personal close friend that does the same stuff . The man will let politics and current events consume him . Some people really need to disconnect the internet for a while
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    Stop being an idiot?

    I’m thinking big Wes