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    Hmmm... No thread about (believed) Trumper that killed blacks in Buffalo?

    The official Sandy Hook report is hilarious, 75% redacted, other 25% useless bullshit like cops setting up a refreshment station.
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    Honwestminster (house of nutrition)

    Honwestminster.com Anybody have any experience with these guys? They have a very interesting selection, wanted to try a few things, couldn’t find anything on here about them.
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    Starlite the pharma supplier? They’ve come and disappeared several times, better sources out there I wouldn’t risk it.
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    Those sugardaddies get ya zooted
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    Can only use it for a couple days in a row, and then you will not notice the effects - without taking a few days off in my experience.
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    Doxepin aka Sinequan aka Silenor

    Was prescribed it while in rehab, worked for my fucked up withdrawing ass.
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    Mastery Pharmaceuticals?

    This is the only AS forum I get on, I was surprised when I found nothing from google. Thanks for the reply
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    Mastery Pharmaceuticals?

    Anybody ever heard of this ugl? I ended up with some of their anavar, clomid, nolva- and a few other random things. Got it for practically nothing in a little trade deal. No clue if it’s legit, can’t find anything on them.
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    $5 million reward offered for arrest of accused steroid traffickers

    It's all about the flavor of the week with the feds. I just listened to the Ryan Leone story on youtube. Dude got busted with a pound of black tar bagged up in thousands of balloons in the early 2000's, got less then five years in a fed joint. The same time frame, DEA is kicking down the door...
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    Epistane.. Anti e?

    Used to get these on ebay super cheap, they were delicious.
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    Artie Lange back in jail, arrested for rehab program violation

    haha yeah, never gets old.
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    Artie Lange back in jail, arrested for rehab program violation

    Artie's been my favorite comedian for a long time, the "Artie" years on the Stern show were hands down the best. I was supposed to see him a couple years ago in Akron, and he no-showed, claimed "complications" of his diabetes. If you haven't watched the series Crashing with him, do yourself a...
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    Organon Sustanon 250

    Appreciate the feedback guys, I guess I’ll just grab a few amps on my next order and find out - 7bux/amp so it won’t be the end of the world if it doesn’t pan out. I’ll report back.
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    Organon Sustanon 250

    Hey guys, just curious if any of you have experience using Sustanon 250 ampoules from Organon? I always figured buying amps would be the safest bet - but lately I've been reading they get commonly faked also. Anyway, the reason I ask... I've used an Indian vendor for around 5 years for non aas...
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    Customs confiscation

    Not necessary. They deal with so many seizures every single day, they don't have a log of all the Joe Blows who got a few vials/caps seized. You will get a seizure letter in the mail, with a phone number in case you want to debate it, other wise they'll destroy your package, and that's the end...