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    Hello all!

    Welcome to the boards...
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    Hello Everyone!

    welcome aboard!
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    Update Process at Expopharm.com

    Hello all, We are in the process of an update to our site, so it will be down for a few hours. As soon as it gets back on, we will notify everyone through email, Thank you for the understanding, Expopharm.com
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    Expopharm NEW PRODUCTS: KIGTROPIN and CIDOTESTON! Check them out!

    Check our new products out! Expopharm.com, the leading company in Anabolic Steroids Products in the market, introduces two new items: KIGTROPIN: The HGH of the future, is now available in expopharm.com 10 I.U. - 10 vials ~ price: 250 euro CIDOTESTON:Cidoteston is an equivalent of Testosterone...
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    Hello!! New guy on board

    Welcome mate!
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    Cutting edge, by Body Nutrition now on Expopharm.com!

    Hello mates! Finally, Cutting Edge is now available on Expopharm.com Click HERE to take a look at it, and order now! The new product is a blend of: Drostanolone Propionate 65 mg Testosterone Propionate 65 mg Trenbolone Acetate 70 mg
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    Here I am!

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    New, but thankful for the knowledge.

    Nice attitude! Cograts! Good to gave you here...
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    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome aboard!
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    Jay Cutler's House :D

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    Nandrolone Decoanote New product!

    Get 1 amp at 9 euro, or 10 amps at 75 euro, or even 25 amps at the amazing price of 150 euro! Save more and buy even more! Only on Expopharm!
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    Half price on drostanolone propionate dna!

    Half price on drostanolone propionate dna! Check out the new reduced price at 50% off, for Drostanolone Propionate DNA! Only on Expopharm, Click here!
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    Zymoplex new reduced price! Only on expopharm.com

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    Old Man Arnold this weekend?

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1549920/ Reviews are good enough, so why not?
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    Best portable devices to use for .........

    Galaxy Note 2! Definitely works for us!