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  • Hey bro. Sent in my first time order 5 days ago and still says checking payment. Just wondering if there is any way to check to see what's up. Tks
    Hello, I received an order today that is supposed to be T.E. The label says something else. I was told you could help with info, this was my first order. Thanks for any help
    Good morning and thanks for your help , I hope these messages are going through , this is my first time . Anyways I hope this is a private message , I sent the funds 03/03 , they where picked up I believe 03/05 . I have reference number and receivers info , but I have never once got any kind of response from Basicstero and now the site says I have a balance ? My email 23milecollision@comcast.net not at work now so won't get email until later , thanks again . And sorry for going on the forum but I didn't no what else to do at that point
    Thanks for the help , my email is 23milecollision@comcast.net , I went on Basicstero.net and now it says balance is $210 ? Moneygram told me funds where picked up . Sorry if that is against the rules please delet if that's the case . Anyways thanks for your help
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