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  • Placed an order in the beginning of July, got the oils but not the orals(d-bol and nolvadex), have since been given the run around- culminating in an offer for a 120% coupon if I substituted oils which I agreed to several weeks ago but never recieved. It's been such a long wait that I've moved in the meantime and now need it shipped to a new address. Have been a loyal, steady customer for years, still waiting for this to be resolved
    Do you have any specials for the month of june? Its gonna be my first time ordering from you. My supplier went rogue. Anyways let me know please.
    Hello I am just a board rep filling in....The boss is a bit behind and I have not heard back from him today but I already hit him up that we need him back online ASAP...Please be patient and we'll be with you asap
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