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    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    It took roughly 20 minutes at low heat. Not sure the temp, whatever low is on the hot plate
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    As for steps, I just put everything in a beaker with 1%BA and just filled with Bac water. I do use a heat plate with a stirrer. Low heat and let it sit swirling till all clear and mixed. Then used a .2 bottle top filter, ran through there and done
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    I had to add heat to get the methionine to dissolve. Once it does it will not fall out. The doses I posted was the highest I ever made them. Never any higher
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    I usually do a B12 injection twice a week. I go to cardiologist every February for full physicals. My blood work has always been on point with the exception my test levels will very from year to year. The B12 I use is Methylcobalamin from my own research this is the best for injections not to...
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    Has anyone ordered from them recently? Its been over a year since I last ordered and wanted to know.
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    Love the L-Carnitine, I usually make mine with B12 and MIC all in one. Feel good injection I call it.
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    What VPN do you use?

    I've been using ProtonVPN now for 2 years. No complaints.
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    Doxepin aka Sinequan aka Silenor

    I take 100mg melatonin, 50mg doxipine, 10 mgs ambien and 3 shots of zquil to sleep 6 maybe 7 hours. I know its alot but damn I need my sleep. Every once in awhile I'll smoke some good herb and not need anything and I can sleep 8 solid hours. Wish it was legal... Take chance every time due to...
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    Over 40 Golden Oldies

    HOLLY SHIT man, this made my day. This was the first song my wife "Dirty" danced for me. She just heard me playing it now and BOOM, more dirty dancing for me :) Been with this woman 31 years now
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    💥Favorite Colognes💥

    My favorite is Creed Aventus, wife loves it when I wear it.
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    Open or not

    I loved Lesters Black tops, they were awesome for sure
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    Tell me about your first cycle.

    First cycle was 1 sust pre-load WITH that 18g pin a week. Summer of 1986. Did good, ate like a horse. I remember back then drinking the juice from the pinto beans my mom would cook for dinner because one of my buddies told me it had protein in it and that was good thing. No pct or anything. Just...
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    short blasts of fast esters

    Old "Dan Duchaine" cycles. He swore by them. Short large blasts