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    Anybody have any experience with Test/tren use after gastric bypass?

    Meh. If you say so. I’m not going to burn calories, pun intended, having a fight on any Internet forum.
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    Overweight friend

    One of the best-supported outcomes of TRT is the improvements in body composition including increased fat loss. Metabolic profiles also improve in most studies out there. I would put him on TRT, get him in the gym, and improve his diet. Small improvements in all of these areas will add up over...
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    Anybody have any experience with Test/tren use after gastric bypass?

    Diet stuff gets really touchy around here. When you think about it, diet is the hardest part of what people do. Going to the gym is fun, force-feeding yourself and then starving yourself is miserable. I think some guys who have legitimately mastered their diets, and more power to them, get...
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    Anybody have any experience with Test/tren use after gastric bypass?

    Yes you can use test after gastric sleeve surgery. I had a sleeve about 6 years ago and it worked well for me. About 30% of the people who get a sleeve will regain all their weight in 24 months. The point of the sleeve is to force yourself onto an extreme diet for about 12 months. After that, if...
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    Injectable YK-11

    I tried this with test for a number of weeks and didn't really notice anything. People on here have described getting so strong in a few weeks that they have joint issues. I've heard that maybe test is a stronger binder to androgen receptors and therefore you won't get much of a response on it...
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    Body Fat %

    My BIA device is routinely 4% above a DEXA scan.
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    Physique of an olympic sprint cyclist

    Shocking quads on this guy. I'm surprised he carries so much upper body muscle. It seems to me that's just extra weight for you to drag around the track.
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    Favorite Gym Apparel Brand?

    I wear champion sweats for about $15-20 from amazon. Walmart has an inhouse brand called "athletic works". They have t-shirts for about $8. That's all I'm spending for clothes I'm going to defile at the gym.
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    Roe V Wade to be struck down

    I’m perfectly calm and I read real good. You said it’s between her and her doctor and god. That’s tolerating murder. If I shoot someone in the street is that between me and that person and god? Or should the police get involved to mete out just punishment? Matthew 25:40 [40] And the King will...
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    Roe V Wade to be struck down

    If you're a believer in Christ like we are then you know that you were commanded not to murder (Deut 5:17). Furthermore you know that in John chapter 14 Jesus says that those who love Him keep His commandments. There is no room for a believer in Christ to tolerate baby murder in his midst.
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    Roe V Wade to be struck down

    I answered before I read your whole post. OK. Let’s just pretend she wants to abort. I’d do my best to convince her otherwise. I’m sure she’d come around. If she doesn’t? What am I supposed to do? It would be horrible. Same as learning she’d murdered someone. Because that’s what she’s doing in...
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    Roe V Wade to be struck down

    We’re on the same page here. We have 5 kids. She’d never murder a child.
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    Roe V Wade to be struck down

    Maybe I'm the weirdo but, yes. We'd raise the child if my daughter was raped. It would be tragic but the child didn't do anything wrong. I won't murder anyone's children.
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    Is it wrong to go through your child's/teenagers cell phone?

    I said 15 or so. I think there's plenty of room for you to adjust that number as you evaluate how fast your child is maturing.
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    Visceral Abdominal Fat loss

    I would think this would make you terribly groggy. And what happens when you come off? Doesn't melatonin cause dependence? You probably won't sleep for weeks after coming off this.