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    LMFAO just reading all this monkeypox shit makes me laugh
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    How do you store your gear?

    Am I the only one that uses a fishing tackle box? 2 shelf tackle box, the little plastic inserts they give keep everything organized. Sterile products go in the large compartment on the bottom. Vials stand straight up no problem and I can put a lock on it if I want (not that it would do much...
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    TD - Porn

    Should by the end of the week! Just got stoked at the thought of 12ml lol
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    TD - Porn

    Should have it by the end of the week! Just got excited at the thought of 12ml
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    You liking the primo?
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    Thinking about a starting another cycle. Like 250mg test c/ 400mg tren A/ 45mg Anavar
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    seems like it! Definitely nice being able to ask questions and getting honest answers in return.
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    Time to put on some Size, UncleZ Sponsored Log

    respect for those blender meals, i dont think i can get myself to do that 😮😮
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    Walther Gun Fans

    Damn. This makes me want to purchase a walther
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    Protein shake recommendations?

    Dymatize ISO 100, hands down. mixes so well and tastes so good. Amazon always has the 5lb for like 70 bucks, with a little work you can get 2 5lb containers for 70 (;
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    Board members Trt/cruise protocol

    My bad, should've included that. I run Test E, it's what my first cycle was and I decided to just trt after that. I've stuck with it for a couple years now, I've been too busy to do any "blasts" lately...........might change that soon Thinking about switching to cyp in the future.
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    TD - Porn

    Those 12ml hit different. hell yeah, im excited for mine.
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    New here? Updated List Thread! SB LABS

    They got me that list quick! cheers SB, definitely will be returning
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    New Order

    Alan has always pulled through for me, definitely a big fan. products all high quality as well. best of luck
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    Board members Trt/cruise protocol

    I've been running 200mg every 7 days and i like it so far, no need for an AI but if i get any signs of it increasing, ill throw in like .25 adex eod till symptoms subside.