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    The Chronicles of Tommy ~ Click here for the Story, the sale and the savings! 25% OFF

    def gonna be stocking up on some products. cant beat these sale deals
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    One out-of-control Christmas sale! 25% OFF ALL LOCAL ITEMS...

    gonna be placing an order tonight for some good stuff!
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    Fall 2021 Ironlion Sale

    damn missed the sale but will definitely be taking advantage of it for next time!
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    25mg of cialis would last me a whole weekend of fun. i prefer it because it lasts longer in your system then viagra and you can dose it really whenever
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    💥Favorite Colognes💥

    creed aventus has become my favorite since 3 years ago
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    🎈🎈Welcome our New FAST SERVICE line "Pivotal Labs Inc"🎈🎈

    Ahh I see. Well I'm willing to do a log for you guys so I'll put my name in the hat
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    🎈🎈Welcome our New FAST SERVICE line "Pivotal Labs Inc"🎈🎈

    What kind of products would be offered on the log? I just had back surgery couple months ago and lost lots of my gains and weight during my recovery but im back in the gym now and eager to get back to how i was looking pre-surgery. Plus i have a cruise coming up in august :D
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    Test, Deca, Tren for lean winter bulk - logging opportunity

    is this logging opportunity still going on?
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    in-depth drug testing

    doesn't answer about the other drugs i have questioned
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    Suboxone and juicing

    what about with your two divided doses if you could mentally imagine them at being 1mg each? would that help at all with the symptoms?
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    in-depth drug testing

    Hey all i got a drug testing question that is different from the typical 5-10 panel ones. I'm on a controlled substance and due to that im required by my doctors office to get tested about every 3-4 months to make sure that im taking the medicine, not selling it to others, and that i don't have...
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    PSL Touchdown

    Will do you reps are awesome
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    PSL Touchdown

    Placed a domestic order and received touchdown fast and prompt. Everything looks great. Now to start the test here next week and orals within the next 2 weeks. Eager to get another order in for my spring/summer blast [/IMG]
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    Mail time.,The moment everyone dread .

    was just about to ask can you read that pamphlet lol
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    EP Domestic SALE 15% "WOW"!

    Damn i missed this sale by a couple days :thinking: