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  • Hey brother I just got back in the game after being injured for a few years. Just hoping you can steer me in the right direction.
    Hey what's up man! Got my 10 posts up thanks to your thread. I'm very much a noob, but I have gathered my list of stuff to order...
    Thank you, Jared
    Hey man I got my green dot money pack sitting here and want to get a vial of test cyp but can't get through to boneman?
    Hey man sorry to ask for a list again but wanted to know if y'all added more product, email is liquidgold@safe-mail
    Or just send it to my page on here, thanks
    Ok im up to 11 posts. Sorry, wasnt quite sure how things work around here. Anyways how do I go about getting a list and placing an order....also is mlg located in the US? Thx
    Hey there. New to this site but very excited. I have my posts over ten, and was hoping to get more guidance on acquiring a list... Thanks again
    Hey Dawg not to sure about the ordering process I shot you an email with an order let me know if you need anything else to complete it....
    Hey DD just wondering what the average t/a time for orders are? .. Put in a small order on 7/3/13.. When should I be expecting it?
    What's up dd, new to the threads and new to pinning. Not new to training. After much thought and research I fully committed to stepping my game up. Before I stumbled across this forum I placed an order to a guy that sells your gear in Texas. Just got it today. Id much rather just get a list from you seeing how many ppl know and trust you on these threads. If you can assist me I'd appreciate it.
    Hey dawg I'm going to place another order this week for a good bit of gear and wanted check with u first to see if y'all have any specials or going to be running any sales. Thanks
    Hey dawg. I got my pack yesterday. So excited to see how it works. My question is I pinned 1ml of test e 250 yesterday in my thigh and today my thigh hurts bad. Is that normal
    Hey man, I put in order in a few days ago and sent the money a few days ago and it still hasn't been picked up and communication with mlg isn't the best so I was wondering if you could try to get ahold of him and let me know what's going on. Thanks
    Hey DDawg. I wanted to check with you to see if my order has shipped. My email is If there is any other info you need to find out hit me back
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