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  • Hey dema, I’m trying to find official Clem pills and I was wondering if it’s safe to get some from and trying to see if everything is legit but I need answers on this
    Hey I'm sorry to bug you I was directed your way and I'm not trying to bad mouth anything I might have screwed up I just want to talk to someone personally that can help me resolve my problem . Do you represent Pharmacom ??
    HI Dema, I ordered through and received tracking codes but they say their at Hong Kong shipping facility. It's been 3 weeks now. Tried email form on basicstero website but no reply
    Wondering if you knew anything about toppharm. I payed for an order over 3 weeks ago. Still nothing now there website is forwarded to hugebodyroids or whatever. Really needed that gear too. Ripped off for 2 bottles and dbol smh. That is my 1st time being scammed
    Hey man I'm new to juicing iv been scammed twice on eroids they sent fake alpha pharma the codes worked but the gear didn't can you please send me a pricelist
    Hey Dema, just checking on status of some orals ordered on 2/7. Last tracking is from 2/9 and nothing since...kind of a newbie to Pharmacom and wondering when I could expect any new tracking info or delivery...thanks in advance.
    Hey dema. I'm looking for a source. I've been out of the loop for a couple years and just found my original source is unavailable. Are yall running any specials?
    Hello, seen you in the forums and you know your stuff. I wanted to do a cycle of test e and I'm trying to get to know everything I need. I heard you need HCG with your pct and I'm going to get clomid. Basically my cycle will be test, arimidex and clomid. I'm ordering all I can from pharmacom store. Sorry just trying to gather as much I can before I start.
    I'm curious about The price match of a competitor with the 5% extra. Does that go for bulk orders as well? And like to know the process.
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