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  • Hey bro, my sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but I haven't been on here much lately. That said, I got your mail and am emailing you now. Thanks.
    Hey brother, let's continue this conversation over email if that's ok. Do you have a Protonmail email? If not, please get one and then PM me here and let me know what it is and I will hit you up. Thanks.
    Hey dark horse I am Dr Swole I have been ordering from imporuim labs for around 2 yrs...I sent a message today for any specials...and I didn't get a response...I usually get a response really quick....is every thing still up and running...they know my real name if u mess that let me know....thanks
    Hey brother, have you checked out the update thread I posted in the Imporium sub? If not, I would encourage you to check it out. I'm also on MS and actually just posted a new update with any info I had. Just go to the Black Market Steroid Underground section and you'll find it. Also, what's your email? I can hit you up there with more info.
    Hey belonged to muscle and science was trying to figure out what happened to my Halloween order with imporium, was surfing all the forums and found you! Nothing has been received as of yet but have used him for quite a while....sounds like he's no longer good to go? Thanks, J
    Hey bro, you don't want to place an order right now. Please read the thread that I posted as that will give you all the info. My apologies bro.
    Hey bro i want to put in a order but am having trouble with my computer can i still get in on the sale
    Actually, I think Imp forgot to remove that from the list bro, my apologies. He doesn't do the discount on 10 vials anymore because the regular pricing on them is already so hard to beat. By the way, you should definitely post in the "Next SALE" thread if you haven't already. It's going to be a boner inspiring sale! :)
    Hey how's it going so I got the list and if I understand right for the 10ml vials it says there's a discount if you order in packs of 10 but I didn't see the discounted price. Any info appreciated. Thanks
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