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  • Hey Danni I have placed an order on the domestic side but my funds still have not been picked up yet,I have posted all the info on the site as well.
    Please let me know what is going on my email is
    Hey Danny I received my package but a couple bottles are not what they are suppose to be. Can you contact me please?
    Hey Dannie, recently placed an order through the international store on Wednesday and it's still processing. I know the Chinese New Year starts today so I hope it shipped out. I sent a message to the store but didn't get a response.
    Hello Dannie,

    I sent a message to the website but i did not get an answer. I received my order this week (EPTKJ3M5B) but it was missing one vial of pharmamix1. Could u help me with that?

    Hey, I've tried for a week to get a hold of someone on the site and no luck. I have been waiting for 7 days to have my payment checked. I ordered from the international site and the us site. Both no update in 7 days or any replies. Hope to hear back soon
    Hi Dannie I placed an domestic order with you guys Thursday and there is no update to my shipment yet I was hoping to have my first shipment by at least mon can you check into this for me
    Dannie, just seeing if you are a basicstero rep. Had a question and I am not getting any response from the site. Can you help?
    If this message is out of line please forgive. I get paid on Friday and want to set up Bitcoin and make my first order ever. Any advice to help it go smoothly is much appreciated

    I'm a little concerned I have not received a Tracking number following the waiting period specified after order has been placed
    Hey bro. I'm having problems confirming my order on domestic usa 1. I have already added money to account. But when I click on confirm it saids error. Can you help me with this or direct me to someone who can. Thanks

    hello. I was looking through the sponsors page and I was just wondering what oral steriod you have and would recommend, because I am really interested in buying them if you still have some.
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