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    dialing in my summer cycle... thoughts and advice

    It goes away pretty much as soon as i get up and get moving. If i notice it persisting i will bump up my aromasin (spellin??) to 25mg eod. Not to concerned with a little water as i am running a bulking cycle. ( word for summer i know but my bf stays pretty low year round so i don't mind putting...
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    dialing in my summer cycle... thoughts and advice

    Hey guys, just doing a little update here. I am 10 days into my cycle. Tweaked the original dosages down to try and limit my sides. And honestly my body runs great on low doses of gear. I'm running rc test at 600 a week split in two shots. After weighing the pros and cons of dbol i decided to...
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    Side effects... Or placebo effect?

    If you know what the sides are going to be and you still take the drug then man up and deal with them. Don't come on here and cry about every little side your getting when your the one who decided to takethe gear. Not trying to be a dick but man up or stop taking everything and run a pct
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    Point in dropping orals if liver is a ok?

    Why not run the mast before the winni? It would give the liver a slight chance to heal with some good maintenance and prevention on your part. Then run the winni at the tail end of the cycle? You will like what the mast does to your body if you are around 10% as you said. I personally wouldn't...
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    Need Help with PCT!

    Like everyone has said, nolva and clomid will work perfect. If that's the compounds you were using before, nothing has changed here in the USA. those compounds are still the same here. Check out a few of the peptide sources on this forum and just do a little research to find which one you feel...
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    Best natural test booster? PCT?

    Daa is great. If you buy it in bulk you can get it fairly cheap, and it works great to boost test levels
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    whats your favorite pre work out?

    Ans dilate. It's stim free, so no jitters. But great pumps
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    HCG anyone?

    Hcg during cycle always confused me. I get why most people think it help. You prevent the balls from becoming so atrophied. So in theory you recover quicker when you cycle off.. but it just seems like to me your confusing your body. Your putting outside testosterone in your body, which tells...
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    The Inspirational Thread

    I am almost 30 now. But I have been battling crohns disease since I was 15. Crohns is an auto immune disorder that mostly effects my intestine. While most kids were living up their high school days, I was in and out of the hospital. My disease causes constant pain, I have had two surgeries where...
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    Rc labs reply

    Ya budgey you only post about one topic. It's great you love rc labs so much. I just recently tried them out, just waiting on the delivery. But like murf said contribute a little. If you don't have the knowledge to contribute then you should probably be asking more questions.
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    Pain after injection.

    Princess, I have never heard of anyone shooting an oil based steroid into their abdomen. If it gets worse take him to the hospital. If they asked what happened just be straight up. Tell them you have a dumb ass bf who shot steroids into his abs..... this blows my mind
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    Pain after injection.

    Oh shit, I just read the post about him injecting into his stomach. I retract the last advice I gave and take this advice . Don't take anymore gear. Two and a half weeks from now start a proper pct. If one hasn't been planned out then I'm done giving advice here. A cycle shouldn't have been ran...
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    Pain after injection.

    I was going to say 300 is a good starting dose. You sound kinda young by your posts. I could be wrong. But if you are young you should have waited to cycle. But since it's to late here is some sound advice. See how you handle the sides, if you get any at all from a 300mg dose. If at around week...
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    How Old is Everyone Here?

    Turn 30 next month... and feeling like I'm in my prime
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    What to use to dry out and get hard and lean?

    I don't understand when I read people saying winni is overrated. I ran BP winni at the end of my last cycle. Ran it for six weeks and I was dry to the bone. Had pumps all day long, and felt like my fast twitch muscles were developing at a greater rate. I could feel my explosive power was...