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    Best gear

    With all due respect to the P.S.L reps because I think they are a bunch of great guys and very knowledgeable but you are seeming to forget that the P.S.L. owner blatantly posted a false hplc report he even tried to cover it up by having one of his lesser known reps make a gimmick account and...
  2. custom

    Anyone know what happened to CUSTOM??

    Still here my brothers love you all. New Custom's Corner coming out shortly with our featured guest Monstro and his advice I will be asking particularly about his 750 mg cruise lol.
  3. custom

    Transgender Olympic Runner Barred

    A.font401 must be pretty pissed off because I know he has been training for this competition for over 6 months
  4. custom

    JP Jano results

    Hey dude do us all a favor at the bottom of each report there is a unique code it's 10 letters or numbers underneath Janos signature since you can't post any pictures can you post the unique key codes for us so we can log on to Janos site to see the actual reports of all five that you did? I...
  5. custom

    A Tribute to Custom's Corner

    I think I'm going to have A.font401 on the next customs corner so we can talk about his transgender surgery and how it went
  6. custom

    So who has family and friends living abroad?

    I live in South America and the pandemic is running wild down here. My advice to you is stay in the United States lol
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    A Tribute to Custom's Corner

    Don't worry everyone I'm sure something very exciting is right around the corner for a new Custom's corner
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    Hey guys

    Hey guys yeah I've been missing for a while covid took five of my family members so it's been really tough on me. I lost my brother, two brother-in-laws my cousin and a niece all within a 2-month period. But you guys never left my head I have always checked the board but just never really signed...
  9. custom

    I want to apologize to those involved

    Glad to see everything was all cleaned up and see the OP come out and explain what has happened. Most guys just would have just left the board and not said anything so good for you Short $tack. JP and Wes I am sure are glad to hear this good news. No harm no foul JP still has an awesome...
  10. custom

    Is it safe ordering from China?

    How is this a gay painting? One guy looking at a dude in the pool about ready to bang his head on the side of the pool. This painting has the same quality as the painting that Tommy's mom painted on Goodfellas. Doubt it was brought for 90 million
  11. custom

    Bitcoin down 20%

    Bitcoin over $60,000 this morning
  12. custom

    GSD=Biggest fag in ASF history

    Now I understand why you are gay lol. Anyone who spends 20 years in the Village is bound to jump to the dark side
  13. custom

    Jpal Hear Me Out Thread..

    Jpal said his peace so it is up to Short $tack to forward his emails and WU info to a Super Mod impartial to the situation. Sounds like a mix up on someone side but never the less should be taken care of. There is nothing a board rep can do in this situation since he wasn't involved with the...
  14. custom

    Juice pal hear me out

    Wes it is obvious that JP or an associate picked up the money unless the OP was hacked and got ripped off but with him saying that didn't happen it appears to be a screw up. Fixable without anyone being sent an infraction or being banned from buying. Just a misunderstanding on one side that's all
  15. custom

    Juice pal hear me out

    Your post doesn't make sense and is a reason why sometimes this board gets a bad rap. You want someone to give him an infraction when he has all the proof in the world this happened? You want Jpal to ban him from buying because of what? Most people take the chance of using a fake name when...