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  • Hey bro I'm curious;are you the rep for ANDROGEN oils and orals? For some reason when I click the link nothing happened.
    Could you possibly help me w this please. Thank you in advance ,sincerely
    Question on this air admiral. It's slow with this 22 filter bottletop.its down to a drip every 10 seconds. IS this normal?or is it the filter, it said 100 ml but it's slowed down after 50
    I have a question dude,,i made my cycle, bought used pyrex, baked for 1 hr at 400 f after washing with distilled water, baked my vials for the same , filtered my gear. I did 1 cc and had an infection, my oil was a yr or so old, my test e ,the same,, where did i mess up? How can i wash my pyrex glassware to where i can eleminate that ? Im ready for my summer cycle and bummed out. Give me any advice and i'll fix it all. Lol. Thnx
    Hey what's up colochine I know you have been around along time so I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice on a recipe for Test E 100 grams I wanted to do a mix with Eo at 20% do you think it would make the batch nice and thin? I never used Eo also can what filter do you suggest a milipore? Thanks bro if you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it thanks agin
    Sorry ive been busy at work. About the sterilization ,i have a pressure cooker from wal mart. Its only for me an a few buds. Thnks for info
    Thnx but the filter is plastic, ive read threads saying they crack sometimes. How can i avoid this?
    Whats up bro, question , filtration system with vacuum pump that has .22um filter that cost under 1k. I was thinking glass sidearm veegee beakers but the filter setup im confused on being i havnt seen nothing but a buchner funnel that its filters doesnt seem to be as small as .22um. Am i missing something?
    Hey , what's up, im kinda interested in a setup filter system . Im also tired of cramping up my a buchner filter with a vacuum pump work?
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    No need to text me and say you are getting off and thinking of me. I don't swing that way but it's flattering, thanks.
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