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    GC sust and primo

    I’ll throw my two cents in…NO PIP with the primo
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    TouchDown Acquired

    No pic, did a TD really happen? 🤔
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    Monster Halo

    Anyone run Monster halo? Was thinking about using it as a contest prep finisher & my source doesn't carry. Wanted to know people's experience. Thanks!
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    Who's a good source now for research chems? Feel free to OM if you don't want to post. Thanks!
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    Big Sale Coming.... 💣

    you got what I was going for :D
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    Big Sale Coming.... 💣

    30% sounds a lot cooler :clapping:
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    Shout out to -HughniceGuy for his quick response time. Always feel good when sponsors have solid reps. Also thanks to Monster for quick t/a. I I am going to be starting a log the beginning of the year; my road to the Cutler Classic in the spring. Aside from adex, I will be using only Monster...
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    Very Lean Bulk Advice

    I would think consuming 2500 calories at your size would put you in a deficit...
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    Quest bars!!!

    Chocolate brownie covered with a tablespoon of chunky PB put in the microwave for 12 seconds...fucking addictive
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    Participants needed for online research!

    I smell BACON!
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    could you be more vague...?
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    Best Prohormone Site?

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    Winstrol or Dbol

    Quickest I've ever seen some jum9 from dbol to tren...
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    cut cycle

    You need a couple more years under you belt. Get your diet in check and you'll be good to go
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    Protein shake before bed? What kind?

    I use a blender bottle. 8 oz water, 1 scoop casein. Give it a shake and you're g2g