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    does anyone have a source for androstanolone/stanolone

    Gymntonic I appreciate it but I’d go bald immediately. I really want to try using it dht topically if I get a gyno flare. I figure it will go systemic but with fina and maybe ru58841 I can keep it at bay. I get achy taking serms and wanted to try something else.
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    does anyone have a source for androstanolone/stanolone

    Bump @dyorotic2, did you ever find a source. I can’t find anyone who makes raw or topical stanolone except IA and they don’t have good reviews
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    I ordered some test suspension and dbol in December of 17. I emailed several times and only got replied to after they sent me an add a few months later. Avoid this source he’s a scammer, did not send anything. And I still get adds every month or so.
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    TB-500 & BPC-157 Healing Log!!

    I’ve been using 300mcg of BPC-157 twice daily with 1mg tb500 daily for three weeks. I went from not being able to bench due to a chest strain to benching with no pain in one week. I also have almost completely stoped patella femoral syndrome that has bothered me for two years. My other knee has...
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    TB-500 & BPC-157 Healing Log!!

    Post updates. I going to start something similar once my tb500 comes in.
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    Who has or wants gyno surgery?

    I talked to a doc about it, he wanted $1700 for gland removal. I decided to try raloxifene for a few months and if nothing I figure I’ll try letro for a few weeks and if all fails I’ll get cut.
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    Finally signed up after falling for evo and Roidmass. Did more and more research and realized I’m an idiot for falling for them. Excited to learn some stuff and hopefully not get screwed again.