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    yes I looked it up right after I asked & it's brand new, I can verify also. my country is at war so I head to the he US for make up & a photo shoot at vogue. also visited washington dc & hollyweird. All this shit is a smoke screen for the super elite rich, WEF types.
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    how recent is that?
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    what a joke
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    GC is severely backed up. Please be patient. Thanks

    there's a reason the more xperiencedg guys give their loyalty to Gc!!
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    Peptides for my shoulder

    IMO. bpc 157 for sight specific pain pinned as close a possible to pain. tb500 for overall body healing.
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    What Compounds Have You Dropped..??

    oral sdrol at any dose makes me toxic immediately but inject sdrol at low & moderate dose not. GC nject sdrol for me is great
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    Ldog's Recommendation for old farts!

    I know it sucks but it keeps us all a little more protected.
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    Ldog's Recommendation for old farts!

    if u r All ready an existing customer just hit GC directly.
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    Ldog's Recommendation for old farts!

    a favorite!! as a 48yr old mill wright / tig welder I am on my feet all day 8-12hrs per day & this combo assist me along on Alot of days!
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    Trans Movement

    This shit shows r being brought into schools, elementary, jr hi, & high school. This isn't an isolated situation. It's shocking to me how many people have No idea this shit is happening right in front them. Your children, grandchildren, nieces, & nephews r being groomed with your permission...
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    Chasing the Dragon: What 'supplement' gives one the best feeling of euphoria

    20-25yrs ago Yes, but i think now at 48yo i would need a straight jacket & a double padded room!!🤪🤪🤪
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    Baby Formula Issue

    this New Useless regime is destroying America!
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    if u have not used GC trena/mastp blend u r Slackn & missn out Big time!! trenamastp 300 of each/week with testpp/npp 400 each/week i Feel like Captain America!!! 0 sides!!
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    Baby Formula Issue

    Biden is a 🐔🍭!!!!
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    Body Fat %

    10% if your back & legs r consistent to abs. come on haters tell me i am wrong,🤔🤔