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    HI all...

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    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    i cant wait to try SB as soon as i use up my vials i have already. i have done alot of reading on SB , not a bad coment that ive read. ill keep SB as a go to as long as hes here.
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    New member

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    New member on the board

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    Request a Product List Here

    list please......
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    Tren acid and heartburn remedies..

    regular antacid, pepto bismoul( spelling )
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    New rookie

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    Elderly Asian Woman Punched 125 Times in the Head in Sickening Attack Caught on Video

    thats a coward. i feel bad for the elderly woman.
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    Mast or Proviron for mood?

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    Calling all the old farts

    at 53 i started going down with how much weight i could push. 420 in the bench was no problem, but, now even on drol and suspension i can only get 315. my joints are shot to hell. oh well ill get back to basics of oldschool bodybuilder.
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    i do the same use instead of clen.
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    Obligatory New Guy Thread

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    Over 50 cycle

    tren ace 100mg eod, test prop 100mg eod, var 25- 50mg ed, nolva ( prn).
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    Trying to learn

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    this is some funny shit^^^^