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    Can you share advice

    What about a PCT
  2. Brutus6688

    Real test?

    Ya take 2 minutes and read for yourself
  3. Brutus6688

    I really need you to talk freely this is why I am posting it in the pit

    Doesn’t make much sense if I got bad numbers off a new source I wouldn’t immediately make a larger order
  4. Brutus6688

    Wanting to start new cycle

    No one is asking this but what’s your training and diet look like for the last 6 yrs?
  5. Brutus6688

    Can you share advice

    You posted your personal info and even a picture of yourself edit it immediately
  6. Brutus6688

    Can you share advice

    Dumbest answer ever
  7. Brutus6688

    First Order Placed

    That’s a joke right??
  8. Brutus6688

    Larry Wheels STOPS Using Steroids Due To Health Issues

    His whole professional life is based on his strength and physical appearance he’ll be back
  9. Brutus6688

    Man arrested 40 times punches lady he doesn’t know

    Not racist just facts
  10. Brutus6688

    Augustine Final Review Tren Log

    BTW how’s your ass cyst?
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    Steroids for Shoulder Injury

    Peds not the answer go get it checked out talking from experience I’m still recovering from my surgery HGH/ Bpc 157/TB 500 may help
  12. Brutus6688

    First Cycle

    This has to be a troll
  13. Brutus6688

    Reccommend cycle with what i currently have

    What are your stats, how old, how many yrs training, what’s your diet look like, what’s your goals etc etc etc based on your questions it sounds like you have no clue what your doing like some else said do a lot more reading and research before starting