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    Endurance Cycles?

    Turinabol. Even with just a test only cycle, T-Bol with improve your endurance. For me the improvement is dramatic. 50mg/day is the sweet spot for me. I get literally no negative side effects with tbol. I would say its quickly become my oral of choice. Best compound for performance enhancement...
  2. Bluntson

    Firefighting and tren

    Try Stenbolone or DHB instead of tren. You can get much of the same benefits without taking the hit to your cardio & mood.
  3. Bluntson

    Tren base

    You talk to King Labs yet?
  4. Bluntson

    No sex drive

    Been there. As others have said, your best bet now is to drop all the compounds and go back to your regular trt. Drop the hcg too. Things will level out. Give it some time.
  5. Bluntson

    Random post giveaway from PharmaPCT

    Count me in!
  6. Bluntson

    Looking for 2-3 Loggers for IML Andro creams and Maximum Pump

    I could do the Gear Cream, Super-1, or the Super R. Only catch is I will be on vacation until the 12th or 13th of July. I can start the log anytime after that. I do however plan on starting a decent cycle at that time. Likely Test + Stenbolone + TBOL (or dbol). If this works for you let me know.
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    DHB vs NPP experiences needed

    Same here npp makes my dick stop working. Weird thing too because I'm fine on deca as long as I run my test higher than the deca. In fact npp is the only thing that has given me the dreaded 'deca dick'. Just goes to show you everybody is different and body chemistry varies drastically from...
  8. Bluntson

    Mini "healthy" summer blast options! Help!

    Test 500 / npp 400 / mast 400
  9. Bluntson

    Who hasn’t tried FLASH LABS yet?

    I havn't tried flash labs but I've been wondering about them for a while. Seems like a solid source with alot of happy customers. Good looking list too.
  10. Bluntson

    Can Some Help Explain?

    BP and also for erectile issues. Plus the combination of cialis + proviron dramatically increases my free test numbers. I find that the combination increases my libido and sexual drive more than one or the other alone. It is a magical combination alongside my TRT. If you have problems with your...
  11. Bluntson

    Can Some Help Explain?

    Yessir throw some mast. or proviron in with your TRT and it can work wonders. Cialis + proviron alongside my 200mg/week test is what I prefer.
  12. Bluntson

    Who is your go to for dbol?

    All the orals from Gear Church I've tried are super good. Also the EP brand from Psl/Z. Had great experience with both sources.
  13. Bluntson

    G.C TboL

    Yessir I ran it it for 5 weeks or so at 50mg/day. Phenomenal stuff. No sides whatsoever. Endurance was through the roof. Didn't put on much mass. I think it's now my overall favorite oral. You will turn into a fuckin machine brother. Makes cardio easy (I hate cardio).
  14. Bluntson

    A rookie over 70

    The cialis + proviron would be done alongside your TRT. I am on trt for life (200mg/week), but even at your 50mg/week you would see considerable results. Especially your free test numbers. And plus you'll be popping boners left and right. Gotta love that!
  15. Bluntson

    GC are you kidding me?

    They really are the best and set the gold standard for customer service and of course quality. My go-to.