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    What will masteron do to dht levels on bloodwork?

    Yeah I would stop the masterone. I would think DHT levels would be elevated and I’m sure other health markers may be elevated. Push the labs out several weeks. Why take the chance?..
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    Masteron cruise dose

    Dude you look great! I wish I could look like that. Vision is right you are too hard o self!
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    Antiestrogen Compounds Explained

    Yes, of course I have bones! obliviously, this topic is controversial. But women with cancer the doctors are throwing the whole toolbox at them to prevent new cells from forming into cancer. So they don’t die! So they are using high doses of AI, 1mg or more a day. Lots of side effects. What...
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    Antiestrogen Compounds Explained

    The information you give is based on women with breast cancer who take large amounts of this drug.
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    My TRT story

    What’s your blasting cycles like?
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    38/m non-lifter looking for advice.

    At your age, why not get your testosterone levels checked? Testosterone replacement therapy will do wonders if needed. Overall health and well-being.
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    Never tried it but mk-677 will stimulate your appetite makes me hungry as hell.
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    Are SARMS A Better Choice Than Gear?

    Which sarms are worth using? Gymntonic mentioned cardarine for fat loss/endurance.
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    Sex drive

    200mg of test Omg..Your wife is going to grow a dick if she doesn’t already have one lol..
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    Anavar, I gotta know.

    How’s your blood work? Anything elevated? Any side effects from taking an oral for that long?
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    What do I want my test level at?

    Nice! Thank you for your response! awesome to see older guys! Just a few years younger. I’m looking to stay lean and add definition.
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    Cant tame high estrogen, mediocre gains. Where am I failing?

    realized after I posted wtf lol..
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    Cant tame high estrogen, mediocre gains. Where am I failing?

    I would lower the testosterone dose and inject more frequently maybe a low dose ai. Not worth walking around having leaking nips.
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    What do I want my test level at?

    Hi Swiper, you look awesome! What’s your current protocol? Are you on trt? What are your testosterone and estradiol levels?
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    Jay Cutler Claims You Should CYCLE OFF TRT

    It’s testosterone replacement therapy! I don’t understand why someone would stop or take a break. What are people trying to accomplish by doing this?