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    Ok who's paid for sex?

    I feel your pain. Speaking for myself, I've ran through a lot of chicks before I was married and thought the itch was scratched. Got married, been with her for 13 years and we barely have sex anymore. If I don't get some new puss every 2 years or so I go crazy. I love my wife but fuck, it sucks...
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    The Stupid Myth About the Keto Diet

    I did Keto, didn’t like it at all. My favorite diet is a 40/40/20 diet of Pro, Carbs, fats.
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    Is it safe ordering from China?

    Bring on the zombies, I've been waiting for this shit
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    Raising the Var

    I think many Var is bunk out there and its turned off a lot of users who saw no benefits. I would only buy from a trusted source so you can see for yourself if you think its worth it. When i got my hands on real shit, it was noticeable and worth the price.
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    Drinking strictly milk instead of water when bulking? YES you should.

    Fairlife is great. There have been many months when I'm taking in excess of 5000 cal a day to bulk and adding milk helps to chip away at that.
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    Wife can't hang

    Buy a fleshlight or find a nice fat chick to polish you off.
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    Clean up time.. TD

    Great post, thanks for sharing.
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    Lifter69 banned?

    Some of his comments were head scratchers. I can’t believe there are people out there that actually think the way he did. A strange one for sure.
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    We now carry 50ml jugs

    Love it, just wish btc wasn’t the only form of payment.
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    Date a Single Mom Dancer? Maintaining Sanity

    This is coming from a guy who has dated a few strippers. Don’t fall in love with her. Like everyone else is saying...bang her holes, have a ton of fun, but that’s it. From reading your post I can already tell you like her and you’re in for a lot of heartbreak my friend. It isn’t worth it, trust...
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    Xript Gear

    I agree with what everyone is saying here. The gear was good, some underdosed but not worth trashing. I ran their gear and was happy with it. Everyone was raving about their stuff before those tests came out.
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    RIP Screech

    Damn life is fragile
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    Yes another pin thread, vets, what size pins have you transitioned into for comfortability

    I used 18g to draw and 22g 1 1/2” to pin. Never used anything else. I pin gluts and delts. I’ve used 22g 1 1/2” for 20+ years with no scar tissue to speak of. I stay 3cc or less on gluts and 2cc or less in delts.
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    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    Perfect answer
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    New to forum

    Welcome, we're here to help.