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    Hi guys

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    Aspiration Experience

    I don't aspirate personally, at least anymore.
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    Have you considered getting a TNE from one of our sources to give you a short term test boost without raising levels too much for doctors bookwork results? JMO
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    Training choices in the heat of summer

    Thanks for y'all's input.
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    🇺🇲🇺🇲HEAL🇺🇲🇺🇲 BACK IN STOCK 💪💪💪

    No bullshit huh...I am always hurting from work
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    Training choices in the heat of summer

    I'm curious about you guys who do manual labor in the heat of summer as to how you approach the gym? I find living in the Southeast the humidity is so draining and heat index so high I simply have nothing left for the gym. Bulking is of course out of the question so I focus on cutting like a...
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    Hope you ok bro

    Hope you ok bro
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    Let's hear some feedback!

    Love you guys
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Such a good article
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    Is there any benefit to adding anavar to test/masteron?

    I wouldn't..... just my opinion. Lookin for additional fat loss, cutting, maybe T3/clen
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    Injectable Steroids for women ?

    Ah....not so much a question...lol
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    Test Prop, Deca, Tren Ace

    I'd save Deca for another cycle. Test prop and tren ace at something like 500mg/400mg week (meaning test p 500/ tren a 400 week) for like 8-10 weeks. Don't run Deca and tren...IMO, you're asking for "decadick" plus I just like keeping long esters and short together....if you want a 3rd compound...
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    Reply to your private message

    Reply to your private message
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    Check out The Source Shed. 18 members now. PM'd you.

    Check out The Source Shed. 18 members now. PM'd you.