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    I react differently on E then On Ace I actually prefer the Ace cause you can raise or Lower to adjust it quicker . Seems more sides and more aggressive with the E than the Ace for me
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    Does the carrier oil matter?

    Very good information in here gentlemen
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    Anadrol for cutting???

    Holy Moly yeah I haven’t ventured that high on Abombs
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    Once in a lifetime opportunity

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring as well. On ProMuscle, and a up and coming forum Vicous Labs as well. Non AAS forums I’m on are Lockout, IronMag, and AnabolicMinds. Just a few compounds I haven’t run in a cycle before. Everyone has their favorites and what they respond best to though. Happy to...
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    4 kit puretropin auction

    Damn good deal for someone! $206
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    AUCTION / Summer Shredder / 80ml Tren A, 60ml Mast P, 40ml Test PH + Var and Winny

    Damn this is a great deal . Wish I had a stack of spare bills
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    Bumps keepin me honest journal!

    The next few minutes will pass by quickly. Go ahead and start right now to make the most of them. Go ahead and do it. Time will pass, whether you take action or not. Harvest each moment while it’s here -- once it passes it is of no use to you. In just a few short minutes, you can have momentum...
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    Bumps keepin me honest journal!

    If you have trouble achieving the big goals, then break them down into smaller, more manageable goals. If you have trouble getting to work on the small goals, remind yourself of the bigger goals and purposes to which they lead. The big goals are what will drive you, motivate you, and compel you...
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    Bumps keepin me honest journal!

    Idk still waiting to see if second mass has cancer and Monday gonna take out part of kidney to see if cancer in it. His mom still isn't over losing my brother so she's in bad shape
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    Bumps keepin me honest journal!

    So... 2 masses they are removing to biopsy on my nephew. One in pelvic area one on his testicle. When they put his kidney in they put it in a not normal place. They made it easier to access if they ever needed to. They feel because of it's placement the pelvic mass may have interfered with it...
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    Logger needed

    I also vote Drealdeal! Stand up guy , and any log he's previously run I've seen is really thoroughly done
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    Bumps keepin me honest journal!

    My brother who died from brain cancer.....his son is in hospital fighting for his life now
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    If the Halo is legit, take it a half hour before you work out.... you'll know if it's legit lol. Aggression overload. I only use it this wAy because in all honesty to do a full blown cycle you need to be two weeks out from a show. Otherwise it's a waste IMO Monster Labs Rep PRICE MATCH +...
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    Monster primo test Winny oh my!?!!!!!

    Hope you're well Dreal... I have been missing a few days wanted to stop by and say Hey Monster Labs Rep PRICE MATCH + 10% discount vs all Domestic Www.MyMonsterLabs.com PM me for discount codes or any Questions
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    good distributor

    Check out the Monster Labs reviews on our turn around time... customer service and so on. We have bloods posted as well as several products being Lab Max tested. We always want to welcome new customers... message me for a new customer hook up brother! Monster Labs Rep PRICE MATCH + 10%...