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  • Hey, I'm about to place my first order with GP. Do you have an ETA of when the superdrol will be back in stock?
    I'm taking this here for help maybe my email is screwing up. I placed an order for about $600 worth of gear. This is my 6th order and probably 20th in my friends group. The money I sent was picked up 9 days ago and I can't even see my order in my account anymore.

    It's order #2039
    Just honestly wondering how reliable GP is. I understand that there are different posts on here about you guys. But could you look at it from my point of view, buying aas online is always a shot in the dark. What would assure me that you guys are not scammers?
    Hey man new to gp was wondering if I could get a private message from you for a couple questions thanks!
    Big rich, hey brother have a question on some first time gear in a very long time for me. Don't want to bother you if you aren't taking questions. Let me know bro thanks
    Hello...I'm in need bro. I need a source that's gonna come through. I am new to be and I have placed my first order with naps a while back and have not received anything. I have money I just need a reliable source. Any thoughts would be much appreciated
    I been to a few pharmacom sites different ones how do i know which one is legit? The most legit seems but not sure. Can u help me find a source?
    Hi, say your post and wanted to ask a question.

    What blood tests would you recommend getting post cycle and when?
    The cycle was about 16 weeks 600test c and 400 deca per week. The deca was about 10 weeks it was stopped early. I have a general idea but want to make sure of all the right ones to get. Thanks a lot.
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