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  • Hey bro hope your good! with all the bs in the world! Anyways I been with gp over 3 years never had an issue! My last order showed on my informed delivery app that my package was coming feb 16 by 8pm never showed and next day I go on the app and it only shows the 15 th arriving late? And still no update I asked the post lady and she trynna say it’s probably not sent yet! I said bs it said with courier arriving 16th by 8pm so she gave me a # and no one’s answering.
    Idk if maybe you could give me advice I had same situation with fed ex at xmas i ordered oculus vr it showed my package was at warehouse but got lost or stolen they said!!?? Thanks bro sorry for the long story lol
    Hey Big Rich, I have been a customer for quite some time now and referred you guys to a few friends.
    Would you mind checking if an order went through for my friend? He is saying he did not receive a confirmation email. I told him you guys never fail but I just wanted to make sure it went through.


    Thank you!
    I think im having a problem with my order. The order number is 13373. I have email gorilla using the contact us page on the site but have not heard anything about my order and was wondering if you could check the status of it. I received a letter saying there was a problem with the western union but havent been contacted by gorilla. If there was a problem was hoping for some clarification as to what i should do to fix it to recieve my order. Thank you for you time
    Hey big rich, I know you are a busy man and have heard great things about gf. I made order #13422 on Monday and my zelle payment went thru as I followed instructions off the order instructions. I didn’t realize I was using a unsecured email until after. So I made a new proton mail. I sent my zelle confirmation in from three different emails just to make sure atleast something went thru. My profile says on hold. I just wanted a confirmation of some sort of possible. I’ll be more than happy to wait as long as needed for delivery. Thanks for the help. Here is the zelle confirmation again.
    1. Sender - Rachel C. Johnson
    2. Order # 13422
    3. 11/02/2020
    4. $1520
    5. Sent by
    6. Sent to
    7. Reference #10572538064

    *This is Zelle payment Info for order #13422 put in by profile and shipping address

    James Johnson
    1075 Newton circle
    Rockledge, Fl 32955
    Hey big rich. Need some help with order number 13249. Was marked complete over 2 weeks ago but i haven’t received it ..
    Hey there regarding my order #12448 it says within one hour I’m still working on my bitcoin payments so can you please cancel that order and I’ll re order again ? Thanks brother !
    Hello ! Interested in ordering from gorilla any idea on how I can get list price and info ..? Thanks I’m fairly new here
    Can u Pm I have a question on order I’m trying to pay for and lottle confusd in exactly the email there asking for based on method I’m trying to pay with
    What's up big rich. Placed an order on the 16th and sent payment. Just wanted to check on the status of everything. Thanks.
    Hey Big Rich. Hope all is well. A couple yrs ago you helped me with some orders to gorilla pharm. I’ve been attempting to load up on gear for a new cycle but I can’t seem to find their site now. Any way you can help me to their site? Appreciate the help, Ken
    Hey big_rich, gorilla has been my go to for years. Your a trusted guy so i was wondering if you knew of a good source on ralox, im having some gyno issues. Thanks man
    Hey man placed an order on 9/11/19 through WU still haven’t gotten the payment accepted. Emailed GP and still haven’t gotten payment accepted. Pm me please, thanks!
    Hey Big Rich, placed an order last night an my status is on hold. I read the forum about tracking orders and it doesn’t say anything about on hold status. Not rushing anything just want to confirm receipt.

    Hey I’ve emailed gorilla a couple times about them receiving my Zelle payment for Oder 9105 and have gotten no response. Just want to confirm it went thru. Can you help me with this? Thanks for your time!
    Good morning Big Rich,

    Had a quick zelle question if you have a second. I’m new to that system and kind of a caveman about it I was hoping you could answer a quick question or two for me

    I appreciate you and all that you do around here
    Hey Big Rich!!!
    I might be late to the party haha i was just wondering if you know a good source for Nolvadex? I was planning on running HCG with my PCT until i read this thread. So HCG should only be ran on cycle? Thank my brother!
    Hey Rich, I'm a friend of mass_gains he put me on to the farm. I'm hoping this is a private message. I sent confirmation for a MO and I am not trying to rush anything, just want to make sure the info was received. Thanks a lot.
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